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1-FOUF Dead Sea Bath Salt

Just powerful, mineral-rich 100% Natural Dead Sea Salt from the lowest place on Earth. These salts are quite different from ordinary sea salts. Helps for better skin-barrier, reduced roughness, improved skin hydration, and reduced skin redness. Helps Athlete's Foot, reduces stress and tension for both body and mind. Improves Cellulite and leaves the skin smooth and revived.

When used in a warm bath, FOUF Dead Sea Bath Salt helps in a natural way, to provide relief from muscular tension.

How to Use

Dissolve (250) gr of the content intohot bath tub, relax for (15-20) minutes then rinse off with warm water, then apply generous amount of FOUF Body Lotion. For maximum benefit it is recommended to use this product twice weekly.

2-FOUF Body Scrub Salt

Enjoy fresh, silky-smooth and glowing skin with subtly scented FOUF Body Scrub Salt. Dead Sea Salt combined with refreshing Fragrance create a luxurious exfoliating body scrub. Shea Butter, Natural Oils nourish and moisturize your skin. Anti-oxidizing Vitamin E helps to tone and maintain healthy appearance. Skin turns fresh, silky-smooth as dead skin cells are massaged away. Body and mood feel revived.

How to Use

Apply sufficient quantity of FOUF Body Scrub Salt into wet or damp skin, massage gently in a circular motion, starting with your extremities and toward your heart. Leave the scrub on your skin for 20 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. For finishing touch, moisturize your body with FOUF Body Lotion or FOUF Body Butter. Apply twice a week. Best for all skin types, particularly those with dry skin that needs to exfoliate regularly.

3-FOUF Foot Care Cream

Non-oily protective formula which provides a healthy treatment for your feet, enhancing the skin's moisture level while softening and increasing elasticity of dry skin. FOUF Foot Care Cream quickly absorbed to protect against dryness and preventing the bacterial environment that causes fungus and bad odor, refining and nourishing through its exceptional combination of Dead Sea minerals and Herbal extracts.

How to Use

Apply Foot Cream as needed to clean, dry feet, massaging gently until complete absorption. FOUF Foot Care Cream can be used in treating dry elbows, professional reflexology.

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