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About Us

FOUF Is An International, Established In 2008 By A Group Of Experts In Dermatology and Cosmetics With More Than 20 Years Of Experience and Specialized In Manufacturing A Unique Formulas and Components Of The Dead Sea Skin Care Products, Focusing On Research, Development, Manufacturing and Bringing About State Of The Art Cosmeceutical.

The Superior Quality and Effectiveness Of Our Products, Along With The Ability To Combine Ingredients and Formulations From Different Product Lines, Enable Experts To Provide Treatments For An Extensive Variety Of Skin Types, Tailored For Their Clients' Needs. Thus, Allowing Their Clients To Enjoy Improved Skin Appearance.

FOUF Means Respect For The Environment, The Most Up To Date Knowledge, The Desire To Nurture Beauty.

Every Product Contains One Of Nature’s Small Secrets In Its Precious and Exclusive Formula, A Dream Of Grace Built One Step At A Time, Through Traditional Herbalist Knowledge and Technological Innovation , From The Idea To Production, and The Extra Mile To Packaging and Distribution: Total Attention To Detail.

Our Formulas Are :

  • Paraben Free
  • We Only Use Skin Friendly Ingredients With Dead Sea Values For Your Peace Of Mind Ours.
  • FOUF Dead Sea Cosmetics Are A Unique Source Of Minerals It Contains Higher Levels Of Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Bromides, Sulfate, Strontium, Zinc, Boron, Lithium and Other Minerals Than All Other Bodies Of Salt Water In The World, Including The Oceans , Naturally Created Under Extraordinary Climate Conditions, The Exceptionally High Concentration Of These Mineral In The Dead Sea Area Is Unparalleled Anywhere In The World, and Has Long Fascinated Researchers and Scientists, In The 18 Century Interest In The Dead Sea Mineral Grew With The Discovery Of Their Marvelous Healing Properties, Particularly For Skin Diseases ,In The Years That Followed The Dead Sea Became Known Internationally As A Place Offering Complete and Natural Cures For Skin Problems and Visitors Began To Travel To The Area From All Over The World.

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