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Hotel & Spa Services

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The JEC company is a leader company on the field of producing skin, hear and body care products. we  provide two services for the private labels:

  1. Producing products upon our own master formula which is developed on our labs, tested and proven high success in the local and international markets, under lot of private brand names for other owners all over the world.
  2. Producing products upon a special master formula developed by the customers


Our manufactory is equipped with the latest technology machines available on the market to provide our customers upon their request even a full automatic or semiautomatic filling services for the tubes bottles, jars or pouches. And even we go farther to supply our customers with their needs of the listed items above.


our goal is to provide the customer with a full manufacturing line staring from the supply of raw materials, production of the batches filling services and even packaging, with this full line of production we insure the customer to be supplied with a very high quality of end products.

Professional supply:

The Jordan Egypt Company is a leader company regarding the hotels guest amenities supply either as a FOUF dead sea products or amenities with the hotel logo. The same for the SPA’s and the Salons we are providing them with a professional packaging that answer their uses needs.